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Mar 24, 2012

The Axiata Cup

The Axiata Cup will include Men’s teams from the following nations: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. The championship is sanctioned by the Badminton Asian Confederation (BAC) and the Badminton World Federation (BWF) and organized by Total Sports Asia (TSA).  The Axiata Cup will capitalize on the popularity of National Team competitions such as the Thomas Cup and the Sudirman Cup and will use a three-match format including two singles and one doubles match per tie which gives more teams an opportunity to win). Each team consists of six players as the coach may elect to replace singles/doubles players from day to day (back-up players). Teams may also field up to two foreign players each—this means that even lower ranked teams can recruit the world’s top talent to boost their chances against the top teams.

Mar 10, 2012


Through training, the muscles that work against a challenging work loadprogressively to increase muscle mass and cross-sectional area, referred to ashypertrophy. But why one muscle cells can grow and how it developed? Musclehypertrophy can be defined as the growth and increase the size of muscle cells. In general, most of the muscle hypertrophy occurs as a result of physical exercise,like lifting weights. When a person starts exercising, the nerve will send impulses to muscles to make the process of contraction. This will result in significantchanges in muscle size. In a continuous training, there is a complex interaction of the nervous system resulting in an increase in protein synthesis and muscle cellsbegan to grow bigger and stronger. Skeletal muscle has two basic functions ofthe contracts to cause movement of the body and relax to provide stability forbody posture. Each skeletal muscle must be able to contract and relax to make amotion. Progressive overload is one way of applying pressure levels vary andintermittently for skeletal muscle, in order to adjust the level of muscle tension.Muscle can be adapted to increase the size and number of proteins, consisting ofmuscle fibers miofibril in each, leading to an increase in the size of individualmuscle fibers and employment requirements for daily work.

Mar 7, 2012

The concept of Sport Science

One area the study .... principles and techniques of application of scientifictechniques for the repair and enhance the commission man in sports.
The concept of Sport Science
 This development comes from the field P.Jasmani skills associated withlearning / motor.
 Efforts to improve the performance of athletes has brought rapid development in the field of Sports Science.
• Covers the field of science such as: Nutrition, Sports Medicine, SportsPsychology,
Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, Training Methodology, Physiotherapy, Technology Sports, Movement Analysis
• Increase knowledge about the human response to training .....

Zaireey@Sports: Hafiz pulang lebih awal

Zaireey@Sports: Hafiz pulang lebih awal:
High Performance Team Badminton Association of Malaysia(BAM), Datuk James Selvaraj clearly disappointed with the failure of Muhammad Hafiz Hashim put themselves in the first round of the All England badminton championships in 2012. Early yesterday morning, Hafiz failed to prove that he is still the country's second-best singles player when stranded in qualifying. Despite winning the first qualifying actionagainst players of Hong Kong, Chan Yan Kit 21-11, 21-15, but it is still not enough to guarantee a place Hafiz to the first round when he lost the second game in thequalification at the hands of the Tien Chien Chou 21-11 , 15-21, 12-21 early yesterday morning.

Zaireey@Sports: Tekan Tubi Untuk Wanita

Zaireey@Sports: Tekan Tubi Untuk Wanita

Mar 4, 2012


Zaireey@Sports: ASPEK NEUROFISIOLOGI KEBANGKITAN: Apakah yang anda faham tentang kebangkitan? Kebangkitan ataupun juga disebut sebagai arousal, drive, activation, readiness dan excitation a...


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